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03 June 2023

Former cop and his views on the LGBT+ community


David Cunningham posts his comments regarding the story of a Rogue River family harassed by a bigot.

It looks like Cunningham stopped drinking Bud Light.

Someone should ask Cunnigham who the enemies are.

From the Stoneridge Tactical Academy Instagram account: David Cunningham

Let’s talk about David Cunningham, who owns Stoneridge Tactical Academy. According to the website, Cunningham “began his training in 1991 as a member of law enforcement having worked for the Jackson County Narcotics Enforcement Team and then becoming president of his department's police association for two years. He was a Field Training Officer with the department and trained other officers in such subjects as defensive tactics, high-risk felony stops, report writing, use of force, search and seizure, and evidence handling, and was a Certified Child Abuse Investigator and a Certified Death Investigator.” (

Cunningham retired and opened his “academy,” cultivating a loyal following of Gravy SEALs, Meal Team Sixers and other Oath Keeper/III Percenter types. He’s fairly active on social media. He's not afraid to speak his opinion: My first encounter with him was years ago, when the Medford Public Library was promoting their first comic Con and Cunningham used that opportunity to troll and mock cosplayers and fans.

When KOBI 5 posted their story about the Rogue River family harassed and intimidated by a bigot, Cunningham – as “stoneridgetactical” – weighed in.

When one person commented: “Why do people’s sexual preferences affect others? Literally makes no sense it’s almost like their own secret desires and ways of life are what’s really bothering them. I’d be more concerned about our government and media selling children and freaking letting kids get married at 13 with old pedophiles. Literally makes no sense is it that hard to let people be with someone they love as long as they are of legal age and an adult. There is bigger fish to fry makes no sense as to why people are blind to their own ignorance.”

Cunningham responded:

stoneridgetactical: “You’re quite delusional. What they do in their own homes is none of my biz. When they bring my kids into it or attempt to shove it down my throat is when they lose me! Nice try on the false flag or straw man argument. You'll get better at it when you grow up.”

To another commenter, Cunningham said: 

stoneridgetactical: “They can put crap like this up. It does not protect them from any repercussions though. No legal protection there. Sorry.”

Imagine being a victim of a bigot and their aggressive actions and Lt. Cunningham arrives on scene. Given his attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community, would he take the situation seriously?

Take a look at some posts from his own Facebook page and make your own decisions.

And ask him about it.

Stoneridge Tactical Academy

411 N. Front St, Central Point, OR 97502

Phone Hours: M-F 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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