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31 August 2020

Woman Assaulted By Violent Instigator At Saturday Protest

Victim frustrated by 'lack of action,' she feels

 This is picture of the man Amanda Rose claimed who assaulted her during the Aug. 29 protest. Rose took a number of pictures of him, including the one.

By Emily Mann & Brad Smith

ROGUE RIVER, Ore. -- A young woman was allegedly assaulted by a counter protester during a Saturday rally held in Rogue River.

Amanda Rose was attacked by a man during a protest -- the alleged assailant struck her in the mouth with a flag pole. “I was one of the first people to arrive,” she said. “It was around 9:45 a.m. when I got there. An hour later, I was assaulted.”

Rose had heard about SOEquity’s “You Are Enough” event because social and racial justice issues “are important to me.” While the scheduled cookout was canceled, Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equality members pushed ahead with a protest rally. She decided to join the rally.

“I know Rogue River very well,” she said. “I would say Jen Hook and I have worked together for three years.  She has been a doula for a very long time, is well-loved and has given so much to her community. Jen’s been in the area for some time and saw how things were getting bad. We talked about it from time to time. I felt it was the right thing to do, being there and protesting. I was upset at how SOEquity was treated -- it wasn’t right.”

As the SOEquity event started, Rose said the counter protesters -- a mix of both local and out of town instigators and white nationalists -- were ramping up their rhetoric.

“It was bad. There was a lot of yelling and screaming. People drove pickups and motorcycles up and down the street,” she  said. “It was getting heated. I stood between counter protesters and Clarence Carr, who was visibly upset and was being harassed by the cops. I did that as the cops surrounded him. There was an older man with a flagpole was right there. He was very upset. An older man. Like I said, he was very angry.”

She felt a deescalation was necessary. She placed herself between Carr and the counter protesters.

“I just wanted to keep the peace and calm down the situation,” Rose said. “I’ve done it before -- so I put my body between him and them. (Carr) was very upset.

As Rose stood between Carr and the counter protesters, the crowd chanted “Black lives matter!” She held up a fist and said the same thing.

That’s when the older man with the flag got angrier, she claimed.

“‘Put your fucking fist down, you fucking piece of shit’ -- that’s what he said to me,” Rose recalled.

Rose stated that the man shoved her twice and then hit her in the mouth with the flag pole.

Rogue River Police Dept. Chief Curtis Whipple and other police officers were nearby, Rose said.

“I said, ‘Can any of you do anything?’ and they moved me away from the street,” she said. “Whipple gave me a case number and I asked if they could have him leave.”

Rose said Whipple and some other officers made contact with the alleged assailant. She claimed Whipple told the man, “We’ll watch the (body cam) footage and then we’ll know what happened.”

The man, she said, went on his way.

Whipple never offered her medical aid.

“He took pictures of my face and didn’t say a lot,” she said. “My lips were bruised and swollen. He seemed brusque and distant. All the cops did. I asked him if I could see the body cam footage. He said it might be another week or so before he would get it.”

Rose said she kept seeing her alleged assailant during the rest of the protest.

“I took a couple of pictures of him,” she said. “He really got angry when I did that.”

In other media reports, Whipple asked the alleged assailant's family members to watch him or he'd have to be removed.

Since Saturday, Rose has been frustrated -- along with her husband.

“He’s called Whipple three or four times -- no response. My kids ask me if the police are ever going to do anything,” she said. “I don't know what to do.”

“I want to find out who this man is, I want to file charges,” Rose said. “I don’t know if I can trust the Rogue River cops.”

Before she left the protests, Rose said she’d spoken to a Grants Pass police officer -- Medford Police Dept. and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office personnel were also there to help --  and the response upset her.

“I asked the officer why the man wasn’t arrested,” she said. “They said, ‘It was decided not to arrest anyone. It might cause a bigger problem.’”

“After hearing that and other things about the Rogue River police,” Rose said, “if at all possible, I wish someone else would handle my case. I can’t trust them.”

The Rogue Free Press emailed Whipple a number of times and requested the alleged assailant's name. There was no response.

UPDATE: As of press time Friday, Whipple still hasn't called Amanda Rose nor has he returned her husband's calls.

He did, however, have the time to appear on a local newscast . . . touting his "response" to the Saturday protest.

A few years ago, Curtis Whipple was the chief of the Talent Police Dept. He allowed an officer named Bill May to intimidate and harass citizens. Residents complained, as did city officials. Never was ever done about May's aggressive behavior.

Why he never took action -- who knows? What the RFP knows is this: A woman was assaulted and her alleged assailant was never taken into custody. In fact, he was allowed to roam the street -- allegedly under a family member's supervision.

Such behavior is unprofessional and unacceptable . . . yet it's enabled by a city council who's sorely out of touch with reality. It's the Rogue River "Good Ol' Boys Network" in action.

Amanda Rose deserves better.

UPDATE Friday: The Rogue Free Press contacted the DA's Office and learned Deputy DA Kelly Hager has been assigned to the case.

It should be noted that when one Rogue River resident was having problems with a racist neighbor, RRPD Officer Ty Darr did, according to the victim, went above and beyond to help them.

Emily Mann contributed to the article. She was at the protest and made contact with Amanda Rose. Rose later contacted The Rogue Free Press.

28 August 2020

Rogue River & Wimer Cave To Their Racist, Violent Residents

A public statement from SOEquity regarding their Aug. 29 event in Rogue River. The screenshots this statement refers to can be found in the PDF version of the statement on our website:


Earlier this month, the Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equity (hereby referred to as SOEquity) announced we would be holding a community event and march in Rogue River, Oregon on Saturday, August 29, 2020 titled You Are Enough. The goal of this event was to provide a space for residents of Rogue River, especially young people of color, to share their experiences and educate the community on systemic racism. The original itinerary was to lawfully gather in front of Rogue River City Hall and collectively march to the nearby Palmerton Park, where a family-friendly barbecue would take place.

Both actions do not require permits and are protected by the First Amendment right to peacefully assemble. The City of Rogue River reached out to SOEquity requesting that we apply for permits for this event regardless. As our primary goal is education and we have no desire to provoke conflict, we agreed to fill out the permits and pay the corresponding fees. Despite this good faith effort, the City of Rogue River denied our park reservation request and parade permit stating that the Palmerton Park Pavilion had already been reserved and that they did not have the manpower to allow for us to march in the streets. They requested that we stay on the sidewalks and added that we were still welcome to gather in another area of Palmerton Park. We agreed to abide by these requests.

On Wednesday, August 26, 2020, we learned that a group known as the “Rogue River Patriots” had reserved the Palmerton Park Pavilion. Based on screenshots from their Facebook group, they did so with the express intent of disrupting the You Are Enough event and silencing the voices of their fellow residents. The screenshots shared with SOEquity also state that the Rogue River Patriots were working directly with the Rogue River Police Department. Specifically, one post by a group admin says:


Based on this knowledge and screenshots of violent threats from other Rogue River residents, SOEquity looked for an alternative location to protect the integrity of the event and the safety of its participants. Two of our organizers reached out to a Board Member of the Evans Valley Community Center as we believed their values aligned with those of our event and they had previously hosted events with a similar structure of community dialogue, food and music. Their website states: “Evans Valley Community Association is a community-focused organization dedicated to fostering participation in education, arts, agriculture, recreation, civic and social activities for all ages.” 

As the You Are Enough event was educational in nature and promoted civic engagement, the Evans Valley Community Association agreed to host the event. One of our organizers went to the Community Center to pay the rental fee and sign the Facilities Use Agreement on August 27, 2020. 

On the morning of August 28, 2020, SOEquity Vice President, Dominique Toyer received an unsolicited phone call from Rogue River Police Chief Whipple asking about the details of the You Are Enough event. Ms. Toyer explained that the event had been moved to a private event space for security reasons. 

After confirming we were permitted to use the Evans Valley Community Center, we announced the change in location later in the day on August 28, 2020. Just a few hours after this announcement, one of our organizers received a message from an Evans Valley Community Association Board Member that the Board had voted to revoke SOEquity’s rental agreement. The statement announced the event as cancelled (which the Evans Valley Community Association never confirmed with SOEquity) stating that “this event is not a good fit for the Rogue River/Wimer community.”

With this timeline and the multiple attempts to prevent a community barbecue from happening, the City of Rogue River, its community members and its leaders have sent a clear message: supporting people of color is not permitted in Rogue River.

Since these events, SOEquity organizers have received screenshots of further threats of violence and attempts to publicly identify our leaders to opposition groups for intimidation purposes. All of these screenshots are included in this statement.

The Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equity is not a hate group. We are an organization of community members working to improve and educate our community and remove racist systems that allow for discrimination and oppression of community members of color to occur. The fact that we want to engage in a discussion around race is apparently so radical to the residents of Rogue River that they have effectively prevented a family-friendly barbecue from occurring. Make no mistake. The only threats of violence and calls for escalation and unsafe actions were from community members who oppose the very existence of a group dedicated to promoting racial equity. That is racism. 

While the community barbecue portion of our You Are Enough event has been postponed, we are still calling on our members and the residents of Rogue River who believe that equality will prevail over hate to gather lawfully and nonviolently in front of Rogue River City Hall at 10:00 am on Saturday, August 29, 2020. We will stand with a clear message: being Black and promoting equality should not be controversial.

Questions can be sent to Kayla Wade, Founder and President of the Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equity at

27 August 2020

'You Are Enough' event goes forward despite racist Rogue River residents

SOEquity changed plans after threats from RR racists 

By Brad Smith

ROGUE RIVER, Ore. -- The location of Saturday's ‘You Are Enough’ event has been changed due to concerns over safety.

Southern Oregon Coalition for Racial Equality (SOEquity) vice-president Dominique Toyer said the Aug. 29 march and event was meant to promote racial justice and equity. The plan was to have participants meet at the Rogue River city hall offices on Broadway Street around 10 a.m. The plan was to have the march move through town and finish at Palmerton Park, she said.

“From the very beginning, it was planned to be peaceful and focusing on how racism affects children and young people of color in rural towns,” Toyer said. “After the march, we planned for a barbeque and an open mic available for anyone wanting to share their experiences. A family-friendly event shedding light on racism in smaller towns. The reality is that small, rural towns often have less diversity than bigger cities and racism is prevalent.”

Earlier this month, Toyer addressed the Rogue River city council about the issue of racism in their community.

Rogue River does have a problem. For example:

  • Joe McPherson is a business owner, The Double R Pub. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, McPherson has made a number of racial slurs such as “Kung Flu” or the “Asian Flu” on social media. He doubles down when confronted and others -- mainly Rogue River residents -- have defended him and repeated the very same slurs. Most echoed terms used by Trump.

  • During a 2016 9/11 ceremony held by VFW Post 4116, now deceased member Chuck Spark said that if anyone took a knee during the event, there would be “trouble.” Especially if they acted like that "Black SOB Colin Kaepernick." During a conversation with Mark Poling -- VFW member and city councilor -- Kaepernick’s name was mentioned. Another VFW member overheard the conversation and said, “Kaepernick -- where’s the goddamned KKK when you need them the most?” Poling said nothing and laughed.

  • *Diane Hawkins (name has been changed) said she was invited to have dinner with friends at the VFW. “This was when President Obama was in office. People were repeatedly saying the N-word, others talked about lynching (Obama) like they did to Blacks a long time ago and said a cross should be burned on the White House lawn. It was disgusting. I’ve never been back there. Filthy bigots.”

  • Michael Vieira, a Rogue River resident, made social media comments on how no one is allowed to criticize “the Zionist Jews” and people like Mel Gibson have to apologize or else never work again.

  • During a Rogue River planning commission meeting years ago, someone preparing a PowerPoint turned on her laptop and there was an image of her son on it, next to his bike. A Japanese motorcycle. One of the commissioners said, “Get rid of that goddamned Jap rice rocket.” Most laughed but no one rebuked the commissioner.

  • For many years, a Rogue River church used its ad space in the Rogue River Press to run anti-Islamic diatribes. The congregation members never complained about the adverts nor did the readers. They continued until the pastor died.

Rogue River has a serious problem.

Which became evident as news of “You Are Enough” hit local social media. Residents like Steve Elyes and Emil Merusi railed that there would be “burning and looting.” Merusi joked about hitting people with a pickup and “healthcare worker” Penny Tolman posted an “All Lives Splatter” picture. Brian Campbell threatened in posts about showing up with weapons and wanted others to join him.

“I’m making potato salad and marinade for the meat. This is a family friendly event, it’s not some armed invasion. This is very frustrating,” Toyer said during a Facebook video post. “What the hell is wrong with some people? This is something for everyone and it's peaceful. That's all it is.”


Toyer said the city was very helpful throughout the permitting process. However, when Toyer and others dropped off the paperwork, they learned that others had rented areas of the park needed for the event.


“We decided to give it a try, staying at Palmerton,” she said. “But, the threats were still posting all across Facebook. Everyone in my group was bringing food. These assholes were bringing guns and threatening us. But, lately, that’s been the case.”


Medford. Coos Bay. Cave Junction. Medford again. Peaceful protesters have been met with hostility from right-wing extremists, so-called “patriots.” “Patriots” who stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with violent neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers such as Keith "Biome Michael" Erickson and Greg Marchese. It would seem that Southern Oregon's “patriots” are fine with neo-Nazis among their ranks.


That’s Trump's America. He said the right wing extremists in Charlottesville were very fine people -- even when one of them killed an innocent woman. Trump urged right wing extremists to “take back their states” after a number of governors initiated lockdown protocols when he failed to take action during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also used racist slurs regarding the virus -- something that local business owner Joe McPherson and other residents have done on social media.


And, they think it’s funny.


People in Rogue River are, well, brazenly racist and stupid about this event.


The local newspaper, The Rogue River Press, did an article on the event. An Amy Blair responded with this bizarre rant:

Ok I have a problem with your soequity article you say "she said that all of the people involved in the rally are from southern oregon, and none of will have a connection to either activities associated with Black Lives Matter in Portland or a rally in cave junction " if you visit their webpage they clearly tout themselves as Black Lives Matter.. it's on their homepage and they provide a white reading list... seems to me that this article makes it appear that this group has no ties to the BLM when clearly they do.

I'm just letting you know that your source provided you misleading information. Clearly on their page they are in support for the group. I'll be talking to our local police today to find out what their plans are as cities have been burned in the name if this group. I agree they are welcome to march or whatever because we are a welcoming community. But they shouldn't be providing misleading information regarding their affiliation. Smh.

As SOEquity prepares to move the event to another Rogue River location, Toyer said she’s not surprised nor disappointed.

“All those threats and other nasty comments we’ve received this past week -- it proved my point,” she said. “Rogue River has a serious racism problem and we’re continuing our work, opening dialogues with Southern Oregon communities. Educating. Forging an understanding between everyone. The racists in Rogue River haven’t stopped us. Not one bit.”

26 August 2020

Old fashioned, homespun, down to earth hate and bigotry -- it's the Rogue River and Trump's American Way!

By Brad Smith

ROGUE RIVER, Ore. --  Steven Essig, who has participated in a number of protests from Cave Junction to Portland, was in Medford the other night when peaceful protesters ran into hostile right wing extremists, including neo-Nazis Keith "Biome Michael" Erickson and Gregg Marchese. This is what "peace-loving patriots" screamed at the protesters:

"Silence is consent”
"No Kosher USA"
“What are you going to do when I fucking rape you?”
“White lives matter”
“Go back home f*g”
"Go back to Africa"
“Fucking commies”
“Save the Children”
“You’re gonna get raped”
“What are you gonna do when your children are fucking raped?”

Welcome to the world of those who stand up for social justice and against racism and hatred.
 A few weeks ago, Dominique Toyer thought it would be a good idea to have an event at Rogue River, Ore., called "You Are Enough." There would be a march to the community's largest park, Palmerton Park; there would be a barbecue and biracial young people would talk about their experiences -- there would be entertainment too.

However, while a number of the locals have stated on social media they're attending the peaceful, family event, others haven't been so . . . welcoming.

As evident in the following screenshots:

What's very disturbing is Ms. Tolman's photo comment. She identifies herself as a healthcare worker. The Rogue Free Press would like to find her employer and inquire if her views represent their policies. For an alleged healthcare worker to post something like this -- even jokingly -- is troublesome.

Steve Eyles' posts are . . . well, judge for yourself. In past interactions with Eyles, he's launched into incoherent rants about "You Are Enough" as being a prelude to "burning, looting and murder" -- despite the fact that most of the nationwide violence has come from right-wing extremists. Merusi isn't much better. Taylor himself has a lengthy criminal past --  common for some Rogue River residents.

"I'm making potato salad and marinade for the meat. This is a family friendly event, it's not some armed invasion. This is very frustrating," Toyer said during a Facebook video post. "What the hell is wrong with some people? This is something for everyone and it's peaceful. That's all it is."

Medford. Coos Bay. Cave Junction. Medford again. Peaceful protesters have been met with hostility from right-wing extremists, so-called "patriots."

"Patriots who stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, with violent neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers such as Keith "Biome Michael" Erickson and Greg Marchese. It would seem that Southern Oregon's "patriots" are fine with neo-Nazis among their ranks.

That's Trump's America. He said the right wing extremists in Charlottesville were very fine people -- even when one of them killed an innocent woman. Trump urged right wing extremists to "take back their states" after a number of governors initiated lockdown protocols when he failed to take action during the Covid-19 pandemic. He also used racist slurs regarding the virus -- something that local business owner Joe McPherson and other residents have done on social media.

And, they think it's funny.

Ms. Toyer, SOEquity and others are to be commended for bringing something like "You Are Enough" to Rogue River. Now, Rogue River has the chance to hear from their BIPOC residents and others -- hopefully, the dialogue and possible understanding Toyer has talked about will happen this Saturday.

Rogue River has the chance to do the right thing. Hopefully, its violent racist citizens won't do anything.

It's a lot to hope for. But, in the end, hope can achieve good things.

25 August 2020

The Cave Junction Function

This is what happened when BLM protesters went to Cave Junction, Ore.

A lot of hate. Threats of violence. Intimidation. It was ugly. Outright Nazis.

I can only hope that this doesn't happen in Rogue River this Saturday.

This is why people fight: To take a stand against racism and hate.

To make Oregon a better place for everyone.

A special thanks goes out to Lloyd Lamoureux, for shooting this video footage.
He's a better person than the so-called "patriots" who supports racism, hatred and police brutality.

CrimeWatch 25 Aug 2020

Samplings from the most recent media logs released from the Oregon State Police.

08/16/2020 23:42

Officer #56298 MATTHEWS, KURTIS

Disturbance, General


Narrative summary: Troopers responded to a report of a disturbance at the Joseph Stewart State Campgrounds. Upon arrival, it was learned a male subject was involved in a physical altercation with his juvenile children and current girlfriend. The male subject then fled the area in his silver Ford pickup

driving offroad, down walk paths and through campsites throughout the campground, before ultimately being cornered by witnesses and talked out of his vehicle. Upon contact with the driver, he displayed indicators of impairment. The driver consented to perform purely physical SFST's, where he exhibited signs of impairment. The driver was arrested and transported to the Jackson County Detox Center

where he provided a breath sample, which indicated his BAC was 0.16%. The driver was transported to a local area hospital for medical treatment and clearance. The driver was transported and lodged into the Jackson County Jail for Strangulation-Domestic (X3), Reckless Endangering of a Person (X4), Reckless Driving and DUII-Alcohol. The juvenile children departed the scene with a relative and the vehicle was secured on scene. Involved parties:

Arrested; Charged; Driver; Vehicle owner HOISINGTON, JOSHUA KEITH M 37 BLOCKSBURG California

08/17/2020 08:24

Officer #29158 JOHNSON, JEFFREY


Location I 5, Milepost 35, JACKSON OR

Narrative summary: Dispatched to a driving complaint involving a listed vehicle. Per SCC Dispatch Center vehicle listed stolen LEDS/NCIC. Located vehicle southbound I-5 near milepost 35 following too close in the A-lane to another vehicle. Followed vehicle awaiting back-up. Attempted to stop vehicle and it fled through the N Medford Fred Meyer parking lot, crashed into another vehicle (non-injury), continued fleeing across the parking lot, crashed into and over a divider area and came to rest. The two occupants began attempting to flee on foot but were apprehended in the parking lot by Medford PD and me. The male passenger is a corrections offender on temporary leave which his parole officer revoked placing him on detainer. I lodged him for the detainer. I lodged the female driver for UUMV, Felony attempt to elude, Reckless Driving, Recklessly Endangering another person and criminal mischief. The vehicle was confirmed stolen by SCC Dispatch Center. SCC entered a locate for the vehicle. Star Towing performed the non-preference tow. Involved parties:

Arrested; Charged; Driver DALLMAN, ALEKA FAY JUNE F 23 Oregon

08/17/2020 10:40

Officer #41604 WEHNER, DAVID

Crash - Hit and Run


Narrative summary: Vehicle #1 was westbound on the Valley of the Rogue Access Road when it left the roadway, struck a highway sign, and came to rest 50ft down the embankment. The time of the crash is unknown and the vehicle operator is unknown as the vehicle was located unoccupied. Damage to the vehicle was estimated over $2500. The vehicle was towed from the scene due to damage. ODOT was notified and responded for the damaged highway sign. The vehicle showed it had been flagged as sold with no new owner information available.

08/17/2020 21:39

Officer #59639 WIGGETT, CAMERON

Drug Interdiction

Location I 5, Milepost 46, GOLD HILL, JACKSON OR

Narrative summary: On 8/17/2020 at approximately 2139 hours a silver Nissan Maxima was stopped for a traffic violation on I-5 southbound near milepost 46 in Jackson County. Subsequent to a roadside investigation the driver of the vehicle was arrested for Unlawful Delivery of Marijuana, Unlawful

Possession of Marijuana, and Unlawful Import/Export Marijuana. 121 pounds of marijuana was seized and the vehicle was towed incident to arrest by Star 24-Hour Towing. The driver was lodged at the Jackson County Jail. Involved parties:

Arrested; Charged; Driver WENYU, LIAO M 30 CHICAGO Illinois

08/18/2020 16:39

Officer #48356 HILLYER, DAMION

DUII - Controlled Substance


Narrative summary: On the evening of August 18, 2020, the Oregon State Police responded to a non-injury traffic crash located at the Valley of the Rogue State Park. The investigation found the driver left her camp site in her RV without unhooking from the site, closing the slide-outs and awning. The

the vehicle's awning collided with a tree and caused minimal cosmetic damage to the vehicle. The driver showed several signs of impairment and consented to and failed field sobriety tests. The driver was placed in custody and transported to the Jackson County Detox Center and consented to a breath sample which revealed 0.00% BAC. The driver consented to providing a urine sample as part of the investigation.

The driver was issued a citation and lodged at the detox center. The vehicle was moved back into the campsite and secured. The driver’s two dogs were transported and lodged at the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Involved parties:

Arrested; Charged; Citation/warning issued to; Driver SNOW, PATRICIA M F 72 MEDFORD Oregon

08/21/2020 20:27

Officer #56298 MATTHEWS, KURTIS

DUII - Alcohol

Location I 5, Milepost 35, CENTRAL POINT, JACKSON OR

Narrative summary:Driver was stopped for a traffic violation. Upon contact, the driver displayed indicators of impairment. Records indicated the driver's driving privileges were suspended at the felony level. The driver consented to perform SFST's, where he exhibited signs of impairment. The driver

was arrested for DUII and DWS-Felony. The driver was transported to the Jackson County Detox Center for further investigation. The driver provided a breath sample, which indicated the driver's BAC was 0.10%. The driver was subsequently criminally cited for DUII-Alcohol, DWS-Felony, issued citations for Fail to Install IID, Exceeding Speed Limit, warned for other traffic violations and lodged at the Detox

Center. A valid driver took possession of the vehicle. Involved parties:

Arrested; Charged;

Citation/warning issued to; Driver RICHARDSON, BILLEY DARREN M 55 CENTRAL POINT Oregon

Biome Michael Attacks Protester

MEDFORD, Ore. -- Notorious neo-Nazi Biome Michael attacked a man during a recent rally.
Keith Biome Michael Erickson, known for his conspiracy theories, Holocaust denialism and harassing area synagogues, got into an altercation with a protester.
The victim gives his account in the following video.
Note: Let me know if the link works so I can fix it.

We All Know What Would Happen If The Suspect Was Black . . . .

Cop flees naked white murder suspect. Bad cop. No doughnut.

And you wonder why Black people in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are goddamned pissed . . . .

24 August 2020

Militia Tries To Trick BLM.

 I'll be reaching out to the Central Oregon Peacekeepers for an interview. Meantime, please read this story about a militia attempting to incite violence. For pictures, click on the link.

Let’s talk about how the militia attempted to incite violence at a peaceful BLM protest in Prineville on August 15th. This story begins back in July.

On July 23rd, the Peacekeepers had a meeting (at his request) with Jerrad Robison. Robison identifies himself as Leader of the “Zone 5 Three Percent.” This meeting was frequently heated, but otherwise peaceful. It’s important to note that Robison brought only one person with him to that meeting. That man identified himself as “Kyle”.

Two days later, on July 25th, the Peacekeepers hosted a vigil event at the Deschutes County Courthouse. Kyle showed up (carrying a concealed weapon) to that event, and brought a friend he identified as Bart. Because Kyle has extremely distinctive tattoos, and always wears the same sunglasses, our Peacekeeper research team very quickly identified him as Kyle Wayne Zollman. Through Zollman, we identified Bart Lewis.

Fast forward to yesterday.

Robison brought a team of armed militia members to “keep the peace” at the August 15th Prineville protest. The militia members carried AR-15 carbines, and were seen distributing zip tie handcuffs to their members. Robison made quite a show of shaking the hand of Luke Richter, President of the Peacekeepers (Photo courtesy of Emily Cureton at OPB). His crew made a display of trying to control the counter protester side of the street.

We believe this was all theater, meant to disguise their true motive yesterday.

While the “uniformed” militia members were performing their bit of theater, the agitators kept coming over to the BLM side of the street. One of those agitators was Bart Lewis. He can be seen clearly in photos, and he identified himself by name. Bart spent the day shouting obscenities and threatening people. Standing with Bart was a man covering his face in a skull mask...but who had extremely distinctive tattoos and sunglasses. This man in the skull mask attacked a peaceful protester by knocking the sign out of his hand, and tried very hard to get somebody to fight him. The Peacekeepers did not oblige. We just kept deescalating and separating him from the crowd. Unfortunately for Kyle, Bart, and Jerrad Robison, somebody messed up. A woman from the militia side of the street called Kyle by name, and we have it on video (linked in comments). 

The militia wanted a fight. They sent a close friend of Jerrad Robison over to the BLM side of the street in “disguise” to try to incite violence, presumably so that they would have an excuse to use their rifles and zip ties.

Unfortunately for them, the BLM protesters were dedicated to the philosophy of nonviolence, and the Peacekeepers saw what was happening immediately.

23 August 2020

Is This How You Want To Be Seen, Rogue River?

 This happened in Cave Junction on Aug. 22, 2020.

People supporting racial justice and equality were met with counter protesters waving signs like this. Please read the signs.

What's more shocking and troubling . . . they had small children with them. The OP covered their faces.

On Aug. 29, others also supporting racial justice and equality will be in Rogue River. Will your community welcome them and listen to what they have to say? Attempt a dialogue and even an understanding?

Or will your community behave like this: Vicious, ignorant, hate-mongering thugs and bullies?

It's up to you, Rogue River.

This is your chance to better yourselves . . . or show the world that your town is not fit for decent people to call home.

That's your choice.

I'll be taking the pictures and writing the story.

How that story turns out is left up to you.

21 August 2020

Interstate 5 Shooting Suspect Arrested

Photos Courtesy -- Oregon State Police

By Brad Smith

A suspect in the Interstate 5 shootings has been arrested.

Oregon State Police (OSP) troopers have been investigating the shootings that started last spring and spanned thee counties along the I-5 corridor -- evidence gathered after the last incident factored into the arrest.

During a press teleconference, OSP Capt. Tim Fox said Kenneth Ayers, 49, was arrested in Roseburg 11 p.m. Aug. 20. Ayers, a driver for UPS, was then transported to the Jackson County Jail and booked on several charges: Attempted murder, second-degree assault, seven counts of unlawful use of a weapon, seven counts of second-degree criminal mischief and 13 counts of recklessly endangering another person.

Ayers' bond is set at more that $350,000.

The shooting incidents that Ayers is allegedly connected to are:

  • May 12, Josephine County
  • June 2, Jackson County
  • June 15, Douglas County
  • June 22, Josephine County
  • July 7, Douglas County
  • July 9, Josephine County
  • August 19, Jackson County.

Fox said OSP troopers have been diligently investigating these shootings since May 12 and recently believed that a UPS truck could be involved. Immediately following the Aug. 19 shooting, troopers were able to locate a UPS tractor trailer combination approximately 1 hour and 60 miles north of the shooting incident. Through the subsequent investigation the truck was seized -- UPS arranged for another truck to pick up the trailers -- and a search warrant was applied for and served. The search of the truck revealed a firearm consistent with the type used in the shootings

The arrest comes after the Aug. 19 incident. On Wednesday, at approximately 9:45 p.m., OSP troopers and emergency personnel responded to Interstate 5 northbound near milepost 37 in Jackson County for a report of a motorist that had been shot. Preliminary investigation revealed that a female motorist was northbound when she was struck with a bullet. She was transported to the hospital, treated for her injuries and released. OSP forensic scientists were on scene and gathered evidence.

The type of weapon Ayers allegedly used has not been released. The victim's identity is still being withheld by the OSP. Fox did say that Ayers was reportedly driving during the shootings.

"As for a motive, we don't know yet," Fox said.

Previous to May, Ayers' UPS route was north of Roseburg and beginning in May his route took him south of Roseburg. Ayers' route also took him on Hwy 140 and Hwy 62.

"Again, our investigation is still ongoing," Fox said during the teleconference. "(Ayers) is our sole suspect at the moment. If anyone has any further information, please contact us."

UPS has cooperated fully during the investigation.

"They sent a truck to pick up the trailer after the semi was seized," Fox said. "Their level of cooperation has been outstanding."

Fox stated that troopers from Central Point, Grants Pass and Roseburg worked the case. Jackson, Josephine and Douglas counties' DA's offices are working together.

"I know Jackson County has filed charges," he said. "I'm not sure if the others will."

Ayers does have a number of priors. According to court records, he had a number of traffic violations -- the latest in 2010. In 1988, a then 17-year-old Ayers was charged with second-degree burglary and unauthorized use of a vehicle and reckless driving. He had broken into a repair shop and stole a car. The case was later dismissed and a petition was filed in juvenile court.

20 August 2020

QAnon Facts.


I-5 Shooter hits vehicle, driver injured

 The I-5 Shooter has struck again.

According to OSP public information officer Capt. Tim Fox, on Wednesday, Aug. 19, at approximately 9:45 p.m., Oregon State Police troopers and emergency personnel responded to Interstate 5 northbound near milepost 37 in Jackson County for a report of a motorist that had been shot.  Preliminary investigation revealed that a female motorist was northbound when she was struck with a bullet.  She was transported to the hospital, treated and released for injuries.

OSP has reason to believe this shooting is linked to the previous shootings reported along Interstate 5 beginning in late May. 

Oregon State Police forensic scientists have responded to assist with the investigation.

OSP is working with the District Attorney’s Offices in Jackson, Josephine and Douglas counties. OSP is still requesting public’s assistance regarding this investigation.  If you have any information regarding last night’s shooting or any of the previous shootings please contact the Oregon State Police Southern Command Center at 1-800-442-2068 or *OSP and refer to case #SP20-235168

No further information is currently available for release as this in an ongoing investigation.

The shootings have been under investigation for the last several weeks. The shooting incidents were first reported after there were reports of someone shooting at several vehicles on Interstate 5 between Roseburg and Grants Pass.  There were five incidents reported.

The OSP soon expanded the scope of their investigation. On Aug. 11, investigators requested the public's assistance in identifying the person(s) responsible for shooting at vehicles on Interstate 5 in Douglas, Josephine and Jackson Counties.

From the time of the first request for assistance on July 14, several additional vehicles have been confirmed to have been struck by bullets. Previously only Douglas and Josephine Counties had confirmed bullet strikes. The geographic location has been expanded to include Jackson County.

If you have information regarding the shootings or if you believe your vehicle has been struck please contact the Oregon State Police Southern Command Center at 1-800-442-2068 or * OSP- Reference OSP Case #SP20-173444.

Highway snipers aren't something new. And, unfortunately, have been increasing over the last few years.

  • During October 2002,  John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, the D.C. or Beltway Snipers, carried out a series of coordinated shootings that occurred during three weeks in October 2002 in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three others were critically wounded in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia.

  • The Ohio highway sniper attacks were a series of 24 sniper attacks along Interstate 270 and other nearby highways in the central part of the U.S. state of Ohio (mostly around Columbus) against traffic, homes, and a vacant school building in the Hamilton Local School district in Obetz, Ohio. The shootings began in May 2003 and continued for several months. One person was killed (62-year-old Gail Knisley, killed on November 25, 2003), and the shootings caused widespread fear. The suspect, Charles A. McCoy Jr., was arrested in Las Vegas on March 17, 2004. McCoy, who had been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1996, stood trial in 2005. The first trial with death penalty charges resulted in a hung jury on May 9, 2005, most likely due to McCoy's severe mental illness. Rather than face a retrial, McCoy accepted a plea arrangement where he avoided the death sentence. He was sentenced to 27 years in prison on August 9, 2005.

  • The Phoenix freeway shootings, also known as the I-10 shootings, were a series of eleven incidents that occurred between August 27 and September 10, 2015, along Interstate 10 and State Route 202 in Phoenix, Arizona. Each incident resulted in projectile damage to cars, and one girl was injured. Leslie Allen Merritt, Jr. was arrested in Glendale on Sept. 18. Police initially claimed that Merritt held anti-government and anti-police views. One day after his arrest, police announced that they had linked the first four shootings to a pistol owned by Merritt. He was charged with fifteen felony counts, including carrying out a drive-by shooting, aggravated assault, unlawfully discharging a firearm, disorderly conduct, and endangerment; prosecutors also considered filing terrorism charges, but ultimately did not, as terrorism-related laws focused primarily on protecting public utilities and did not encompass freeway shootings. All charges were dropped in April 2016 and Merritt later filed a lawsuit against state officials. To date, no one else has been arrested and charged.

  • Dale Hausner and Samuel Dieteman (also known as Serial Shooter) are two gunmen who committed multiple drive-by shootings in Phoenix, Arizona between May 2005 and August 2006. They targeted random pedestrians. The investigations were simultaneous to the search for the Baseline Killer, who was also committing random murders and sexual assaults in the Phoenix area. The Serial Shooters' last crime occurred July 30, 2006 in Mesa. According to police, Robin Blasnek, 22, was shot and killed at approximately 11:15 p.m. while walking from her parents' house to a friend's house after having an argument with her boyfriend. On August 3, Phoenix police released a statement linking Blasnek's murder to the Serial Shooter, citing forensic evidence and other similarities to the Serial Shooters' past crimes. Prior to that, they shot pedestrians, cyclists, dogs and horses. Phoenix police originally believed that the Serial Shooter was a single individual responsible for 4 murders and 25 shootings beginning in May 2005, and that a series of 13 shootings in the same area were the work of another offender. However, on July 11, 2006, investigators revealed that they believed the two series of shootings were related. Dieteman was sentenced to life imprisonment without possibility of parole. Hausner was sentenced to death, and committed suicide in prison. Investigators believe they were responsible for eight murders and at least 29 other shootings. The victims were: David Estrada, 20, shot to death on June 29, 2005. Nathaniel Shoffner, 44, murdered on Nov.11, 2005 while attempting to protect a dog from being shot. Jose Ortiz, 44, was murdered on Dec. 12, 2005. Marco Carillo, 28, murdered on Dec. 29, 2005. Claudia Gutierrez-Cruz, 20, shot and killed by Dieteman on May 2, 2006, as Hausner drove.

  • The Maryvale serial shooter (also known as the Serial Street Shooter) is a serial killer who was linked to twelve separate shootings resulting in nine deaths and three injuries across Phoenix, Arizona in 2015 and 2016, mainly in the Maryvale neighborhood. On May 8, 2017, Aaron Saucedo was charged with the shootings and an additional two homicides.

  • On May 4, 2018, Rex Whitmere Harbour went on a highway shooting spree -- fortunately, no one was killed. After the terrifying shooting spree Friday afternoon, which injured two people and left at least seven vehicles with bullet holes, Harbour killed himself.  According to law enforcement, Harbour perched himself on the side of Georgia 365, just outside Atlanta. Hiding in the wooded area made him harder to see, Hall County Sheriff Gerald Couch said. He had with him an small arsenal of at least five guns and more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition, the sheriff also reported.

  • In April 2014, Mohammed Pedro Whitaker was arrested as a suspect in as many as 12 highway shootings, a spree that has gripped the Kansas City area for a month. No one was killed in the shootings and three people were wounded. None of the injuries were life-threatening. Police say Whitaker fired shots at vehicles often before they reached a highway exit ramp. The FBI, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and several local police departments cooperated in the investigation. The shooting started March 8 and the last reported incident was April 6. But it wasn’t until the following day that an analyst with the police department pointed out that the shootings could be the work of a serial shooter, prompting a wide investigation.

18 August 2020

Rogue River -- Don't Screw This Up.

It looks like some of Rogue River feels that racism isn't a problem. And, the white people feel that if they aren't being discriminated against, then Blacks, Asians, Latinx and others aren't victimized.
Now, other posts have some Rogue River residents fine with the You Are Enough event. That's a good sign. Because, Rogue River has the chance to do the right thing and open up a dialogue with others.

Because if  not, it will not look good upon the Rogue River community.  And, that's their fault. That porch monkey remark . . . .


Unknown Man Assaults Transgender Woman -- Let's Find Out Who He Is

  I received this message last night: "A friend of mine was assaulted at work by a customer for being transgender. The police don’t car...