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31 October 2022

Monica property up for sale

This is the picture featured in real estate listings for Susan Monica's property -- the site of two grisly murders that happened more than a decade ago.

By Brad Smith

If you have more than $475,000 and want to own a piece of Oregon's dark history, you can buy the property once owned by Susan Monica AKA the "Pig Farm Killer" or "Pig Lady."

The property, located at 9184 West Evans Creek Rd., was listed on Aug. 26 of this year. It's described as: "Property with lots of potential!!! 19.99 acres of opportunity awaits to be further developed and made into your very own paradise or investment. Home site is established with the beginnings of a home with a basement as well as power, well and septic. Additional features the property offers is a large metal shop, perimeter fencing and a pond. Schedule your showing today to see what all this property has to offer!!"

In Oregon, a seller must disclose to the buyer any material defects known to the seller that would not be readily apparent to a buyer. That's all, however. Realtors, however, don't have to disclose anything regarding the property's history -- from allegations of hauntings and/or other paranormal activity to things such as murder.

"I'm very aware of what happened there," one local real estate agent said. "Yes, I would tell a potential buyer about what happened there. I think they should know."

A lot happened at 9184 West Evans more than ten years ago -- and none of it was pleasant.

In January 2014, Wimer residents and those in nearby Rogue River were shocked to discover that one of their own had some grisly secrets. That's when Susan Monica, then 65, an eccentric woman who sometimes kept to herself and was rumored of having a volatile temper, was arrested for double homicide. According to information from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, Monica was born on July 8, 1948 as Steven Buchanan and enlisted in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

During the investigation and in court proceedings, it was revealed that Monica shot and killed Stephen Delicino, 59, in August 2012 and Robert Haney, 56, in September 2013. After which, in both cases, she fed the bodies to her pigs. As multiple law enforcement agencies joined in the initial investigations, there were rumors of Monica being a serial killer and more bodies buried on the property.

No other bodies were discovered.

Monica was found guilty on all counts on April 21, 2015. The trial lasted six days and the jury's deliberation lasted only an hour. The trial was reported on not only by local and regional media outlets, but even Great Britain's Daily Mail covered it, using a Google Earth map of Monica's ranch property.

She was known for her metalworking and many still say she was very good at it. While in the Navy, she had been trained as a welder. She did a lot of work for people in the area; her 20-acre property was a like a compound, with a barn, outbuildings and a few vehicles. There was a camper trailer on the property -- that's where those who worked for her lived. According to some, she wanted to build an underground home. "It was going to be like a bunker," one person said.

Those interested in seeing one of the listings can find it here.

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