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02 August 2020

Local Neo-Nazi Appears At Sweet Home Rally

Brad Smith

SWEET HOME, Ore. -- Infamous local neo-Nazi Keith Michael Erickson -- also known as "Biome Michael" -- took part in a so-called "Liberty Rally" on July 17.

Erickson told The New Era reporters -- Sweet Home's newspaper -- that he had learned of the rally via Telegram, a social media app that right wing extremists frequently use. He reached out to the event organizer, Jimy White. White and Erickson posed for a picture of them hold a Black Lives Matter banner. 

White posted it on his Twitter account.

According to The New Era article, Erickson said "'white America was better' and talked about wanting white people to only associate with other white people. While giving a speech on a bullhorn, Erickson said 'racism is anything the left doesn't agree with.'"

Erickson then reportedly shadowed a local journalist during the rally -- he allegedly asked about their ethnic heritage and if they the reporter were an FBI agent. During the rally, Erickson said those who wore masks were "subhuman."

On his social media accounts, Erickson describes himself as "White (Aryan) Male American National Socialist / Historical Revisionist." He is a Holocaust denier and a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. In December 2018, Erickson and Gregg Marchese, another white supremacist, were barred from entering Havurah Shir Hadash, an Ashland synagogue, where a packed audience turned out to hear a presentation about anti-Semitism in the U.S. and around the world. According to local media reports, Marchese recently posted on Facebook that the KKK was created to protect Southerners from "powerful Jews who had Lincoln killed (and) roaming gangs of recently freed slaves inflicting murder, rape and vandalism on whites."

In January 2019, Erickson and Marchese appeared at a Medford anti-hate crime event featuring Oregon's Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum.

“I don’t feel safe myself,” Erickson. “And, I’m confused why Jewish people don’t like me. I have nothing against them. I just follow the truth and know the real history of the Holocaust. I want to be safe,” he said. “If I want to say that white pride is good, I should feel safe doing that.”

Over the past year, Erickson started attending events held at the Williams Grange in Josephine County. It didn't go well.

The following is from social media posts about Erickson and the Williams Grange:

Self-described Neo-Nazi Continues To Be
Accommodated By The Williams Community

Biome Michael Erickson, a self-described Neo-Nazi continues to be accommodated by many segments of the Williams community. Biome, both in person and on social media, promotes an anti-Semitic and white-supremacist agenda. Biome’s racist posts, links, commentary, and public disruptions are not limited to anti-Semitism, but also include misogynist, anti-black, anti- immigrant, and anti-native content. We are not talking about subtle political ideas, he is openly working towards the proliferation of an American-styleThird Reich. He has a history in the Rogue Valley for promoting this agenda and has been virtually banned from most of Ashland because of his posting of anti-Semitic flyers, racist public declarations, and aggressive physical behavior backing these beliefs. He frequently makes appearances at the monthly Pancake Breakfast held at the Williams Grange. This past week (10/13/19), Biome was confronted and told to leave by some community members, but Grange Master Brian Barton refused to allow this eviction, and instead attempted to kick out those who tired to make Biome leave. The Grange has been asked multiple times by various people in the community, including some who volunteer and work at the breakfast, to not allow Biome to participate in the Pancake Breakfast, but the Grange continues to refuse this request. Therefore, some community members are calling for a boycott and pulling of support for The Williams Grange until Biome is told not to attend events held there, especially events that others attending feel uncomfortable with his presence due to his hate-filled racist platform and active promotion of these goals.

Biome’s activities include not only online organizing and promotion of his self-described American National Socialism, but he also publicly rallies with white-supremacists and has repeatedly disrupted gatherings at Synagogues and organized events focused on the Holocaust, Hate, and Racism. His Facebook has been slower recently, but it demonstrates a clear picture of the devolution of his attitudes over the past several years. Lately, he has been very active on Twitter. Just a quick search of recent tweets by Biome Michael Erickson (@biomemichael) reveal his active role in the proliferation of ethnic hatred and a fascist agenda. Some of the tweets on their own don’t have the full impact as they do in the context of the overall picture. 

The following are directly taken from his Twitter account:

Oct 5
Make Oregon White Again. MOWA. I have many, many video clips recently of black barbarism against whites while the Jew media pushes incessant anti-White narratives, ignoring the black assaults. The Goyim know.…

Oct 3
An independent and benevolent autocrat, with well-deserved broad popular support, would tackle the pressing issues and those driving this world into a dystopian nightmare. May such a one rise from the masses to lead authentically.

Oct 3
May the world come to learn the truth about Adolf Hitler and shed the mantle of lies promulgated by his enemies and the enemies all of good, beautiful and noble peoples.…

Oct 3
Replying to @MoonRos @LutherBeckett
Do not equate National Socialist Germany with the Judeo-Masonic terror state of Israel. They are poles apart in ethic and worldview. History decrees you know the truth and that we stop using NS Germany as a whipping boy.…

Oct 2
Replying to @XiolaMoon
That would imply that they have the capacity for being rational, sentimental sentient beings instead of the demented sociopaths they are. The greatest mistake is believing that others operate similar to us.

Oct 2
Replying to @Know_More_News @ramzpaul
Very odd, @ramzpaul. Jews, bc of their elite supremacist religious, racial, national tendencies coupled with their subversion and terrorism against non-subservient non-Jews means Judaic political economy needs to be dismantled and Jews assimilated, at best.

Oct 2
Replying to @ramzpaul
Unfortunately and sadly, our current situation merits that the Jewish people are the only ethnicity who DO NOT DESERVE a national homeland (Israel being a base for global terroristic kleptocracy). Jews must assimilate and their malevolent quest for global supremacy must end.

Oct 2
Replying to @Henrik_Palmgren @redicetv @Know_More_News
We speculate why amazing content channels such as @redicetv, @Know_More_News are permitted by the kosher technocrats to carry on where smaller, yet still amazing channels get purged. I suspect they like the thrill of allowing some strategic dissent. Too easy if all are gassed.

Sep 15
Replying to @TalbertSwan @PolkSchoolsNews
All the unreported or underreported instances of black on white crimes, assaults, attacks, rapes, etc and you are frantic about an interracial kid school fight? More reason to have segregation brought back. 

Aug 27
Call for an Aryan Natural Aristocratic Military Coup to bring ZOG to heel and National Socialist Citizens Militias to protect communities from the bands of Deep State Mercenaries and Zombie Thugs! Reclaim Media, Finanace, Academia, Culture and Politics from the Jew Masons.

Aug 25
Replying to @gpbwesh @WESH
GODSPEED to the inevitable authentic National Socialist revival which, having seen through the lies and myths of the 20th century, will reclaim this planet from the International Jew Masons and allow for autonomous ethnostates for all!

Aug 25
Replying to @_whitneywebb @DoItForMaMa
Hitler never would have allowed the Jew terrorists to gain the type of foothold and leverage they did in postwar Palestine... though the aims of NSDAP and zionist factions dovetailed... Jews out of Europe!

Aug 25
Replying to @MatthewParrott @charliekirk11
Israel has no right to exist. Ethnostates for all except the exceptional Judaics which must either be banished to their Madagascar penal colony, so no one can bother them (and they cannot bother anyone else), or else the dreaded assimilation. 

Aug 19
CNN has me at 14:00 in this video from the protests in Portland this past Saturday. 
(NOTE: This protest Biome refers to was an Alt.-Right white-supremacist rally)

Jun 15
Replying to @StefanMolyneux
My turn. Harriet Tubman. The Tubby Tubby Tub Toy... soon to come to your $20 bill. Boycott the Shekel!. In return for what... the transnational GloboHomo currency? Prepare for battle.

Dec 28
Replying to @DianeDenizen @RichieAllenShow
Everybody needs a genetic test and an armband declaring the results of the test indicating not only biological gender, but also dominant ethnic origination, so that we may be certain about who (or what we are dealing with) in day-to-day interactions.


So What Now?
There is no doubt that Biome Michael Erickson is a neo-Nazi activist. Not just a sick person alone in his head, Biome works to manifest these sick ideas and conspire with others to broaden their appeal. He envisions a populist movement, or at least a vanguardist push, to implement his ideas, and he continually works toward the goal of forming a new American National Socialist (neo-Nazi) movement and regime. So, as folks who do not wish to squash individuality and free thought, yet cannot let this racist intolerance and potential ethnically-driven violence go unchallenged, how to proceed from here? After a year of Biome’s ongoing activity in Williams (and much longer in the general region), it is up to each individual to act according to their own conscience and feelings, BUT, inactivity feels like complicity. At a minimum, many feel that Biome should not be allowed to participate in or attend community events, as he uses these events as recruitment pools for his twisted cause and creates triggering and traumatic situations for others. 

Again, some community members are calling for a boycott and pulling of support for The Williams Grange until Biome is told not to come to events held there, especially events that others attending feel uncomfortable with his presence due to his hate-filled racist platform and active promotion of these goals. While we should clearly embrace a broadly diverse range of perspectives, even some that challenge each of us and make us uncomfortable, BUT, those like Biome’s, those clearly derived from hate, twisted bias, misinformation, and prejudice, and those whose ultimate goal is racist violence, is unacceptable, especially in a community which prides itself on its loving, diverse, peaceful, and compassionate perspectives. Enough is enough. There is no room for Nazis in Williams. It should seem almost instinctual to tell a self-proclaimed and active neo-Nazi that they are not welcome in our community and at our events, but it often seems like many people spend more time coming up with reasons why we shouldn’t say or do something. That is a sad state of human relations, one which is a part of the general crisis we are all in. Please contact the Williams Grange (and other venues) and ask them to not allow those who promote ethnic, racist, sexist, or any other biased-based hate at their events. Pleas share this post.

Sources claim Erickson has had some resistance from those attending Grange events. Other than that, Ashland residents have taken a few steps at pushing back against Erickson. Some attending the Sweet Home rally weren't happy about Erickson's presence or White's racist views. Since early June, many across the Rogue Valley have been taking a stand against those like Erickson, Marchese and White -- joining others across the United States.

Once people like Erickson and his fellow extremists are exposed -- one can only hope others will push back against them as well.

28 July 2020

A Brief Overview of Hate and Extremism In Southern Oregon

By Brad Smith
JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. -- Oregon has a problem with hate groups and other extremists – and the Rogue Valley and surrounding area isn’t immune.
It's time for a history lesson.
Jackson County was where the Ku Klux Klan gained their foothold in the state. According to the Oregon Historical Society, Klansmen – also known as Kleagles – arrived in southern Oregon, via California and southern states in 1921. Oregon’s first Klansman was formally sworn in Medford while Kleagles found patriotic recruits from Portland to Pendleton. By 1923, the state’s Klansmen reportedly numbered more than 35,000 while many joined the Women of the Ku Klux Klan, the Junior Order of Klansmen for teenagers and the Royal Riders of the Red Robe for foreign-born Protestants.
However, by the mid-1920s, the Klan suffered a number of sex scandals in both Oregon and across the county, causing the organization to implode. Some local Klan groups struggled to survive but never had the power they once did. The KKK saw resurgence in the Civil Rights era and has been hanging on ever since, despite a number of legal setbacks during the last few decades. To date, a number of Klan groups are reportedly active in Oregon: The United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (this group has been posting recruitment posters and flyers throughout southern Oregon), the Pacific Coast Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, based out of Vancouver, Wash.
Neo-Nazi groups have made Oregon their home: According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the National Socialist Movement has a chapter in the Salem-Portland area with splinter groups popping up across the state from time to time.  A few years ago, flyers promoting the American Vanguard have appeared in Rogue Valley communities and one of Oregon’s most notorious neo-Nazis, Jimmy Marr (his Twitter handle is Genocide Jimmy) has been sighted in Ashland over the last few years. Other groups of Nazis and white supremacists include the American Front, the American Patriot Brigade, Identity Evropa, The Right Stuff, the Northwest Hammerskins, Crew 38 and True Cascadia: The latter, known for inciting fights via social media, once Tweeted, “Mother Nature is a White Supremacist. She has cautiously shown favor to her mightiest children.”
A Black friend of mine, an actor with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, told me that over 25 years ago, he would run into Grants Pass skinheads . . . . Skinheads cruising liberal Ashland bars looking to stir up trouble. Looking to provoke people and start fights. According to him, that happened a lot back in the day. Today, they use social media to stir things up.
Sometimes, hate groups don’t need to wear white robes or march down streets with Tiki torches and chanting “Blood and soil.” Instead, they can and do appear under the guise of something else. In 2000, the group Oregonians for Immigration Reform was formed and has been based out of McMinnville. OFIR worked to put Measure 105 on the 2018 ballot – which was defeated. The Oregonian and other state media reported OFIR has been linked to white nationalist John Tanton, who has said, “One of my prime concerns is about the decline of folks who look like you and me . . . for European-American society and culture to persist requires a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.” 
Last year, U.S. Inc., another hate group linked to Tanton, donated over $3,000 to the OFIR’s anti-immigration effort. The OFIR’s ballot measure had the support of right wing extremists from white supremacists to other groups like the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer.
Anti-government groups have been more visible in southern Oregon the last few years. Until two years ago, the Oath Keepers had a presence in Josephine County, under the leadership of Joseph Rice. The Oath Keepers, along with a similar anti-government extremist group III Percenters, have been connected to Islamophobic and anti-immigrant groups. During the Sugar Pine Mine uproar, Rice, his Oath Keepers and a motley assortment of III Percenters and paramilitary wannabes prepared to face off against the federal government. The issue was later resolved in the courts. However, two years later, Rice and his group broke off ties with the Oath Keepers, due to disagreements with national leader Stewart Rhodes. Since then, Rice reorganized his group into Liberty Watch of Josephine County.
In some places, bigoted views are openly expressed and even encouraged.
When I started stringing for The Rogue River Press, local churches took out ad space for their Sunday service and so on. One pastor used his advert space to launch vicious attacks against Muslims. Now, the publisher said the pastor had a right to use that space however he wanted -- after all, he did pay for it. What was bothersome . . . no one complained about it. No one said anything. The pastor's congregation said nothing. Subscribers -- nothing. Businesses advertising in the paper didn't have a problem with it.
Something like that wouldn't have happened in Ashland or Talent. Someone would have complained.
Sept. 11, 2016. Rogue River. I was covering a 9/11 event held by the local VFW and was talking to a post officer. As I mentioned the issue regarding Colin Kaepernick, another VFW member overheard the conversation and said: "Kaepernick. That sonuvabitch. Where's the goddamned KKK when you need them the most?"
That VFW officer? He smiled. Laughed. Said nothing and did nothing. Like the time when a Rogue River planning commissioner uttered a racist slur about Asians during a meeting. Nothing was done.
That's the problem we have here. People need to know that this happens here and it shouldn't be acceptable or enabled.
Or ignored.
There's so much more to talk about, other right extremists and those who have hate mongering agendas. Keith "Biome" Michael Erickson. Jeff Rense. Bill Meyer. Ryan Mallory. Andrew Patterson.
Oregon -- especially the Rogue Valley and surrounding area -- has a history of hate. Now and again, from this point on, we're going to talk about it.
And, see what we can do to shut it down.

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