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27 August 2022

Email From A Reader: The Saltshakers and their bad behavior

"You may find a video of an incident that occurred yesterday, interesting.   

"Salt Shakers are taunting an upset, shirtless man, laughing at him, making  derogatory comments, calling him a demon, etc., seemingly mocking him for possibly being unhoused,  and then asking the police to have the man arrested.  This took place as they protested in front of Newman Methodist Church. The man kept yelling to be left alone, and the video shows Casie and Jon Peterman continuing to push his buttons, and advancing, when the man tried to retreat.  It's on her Casie May Facebook page.  Comments on the page are sad, as well, as they have no empathy for the guy, who was  clearly not having his best day. Jon says the man should have been punched in the mouth more, as a child."

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