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28 July 2020

POV: A Brief Study in Class and Crass.

It's no secret that Trump is a narcissistic jerk. Look at how he's made the coronavirus pandemic all about himself.

John Lewis, a staunch fighter for civil rights and a far more decent human being, died recently. People have been honoring him as his body lies in state.

Except for Trump.

Trump's hasn't done do. He won't.

No. He's pissed off that nothing positive about him is trending on Twitter.

Joe Biden, however, honors a friend and colleague. Because that's what decent people do.

Fuck Trump.


Talent city staffers dropped ball after Almeda Fire

City manager  Spelliscy, city planner Moody failed to contact FEMA By Brad Smith TALENT, Ore. -- Emails from FEMA indicate that in the weeks...